assemblages, reminiscent
of flowers & foliage from
vintage salvaged materialsdeb-shot


Working with vintage salvaged materials I create assemblages reminiscent of flowers and foliage. I have chosen to meld my love of the authentic patina found in well-worn metals with my affection for flowers. Rendering a fluid subject in a material resistant to manipulation is the ongoing challenge.

My work always begins with the hunt for aged materials with original patina.  My studio is filled with cascading piles of vintage metals in all forms. Works in progress are everywhere as I place layer over layer until each one feels fully composed.  Sometimes a piece comes together in a matter of days, sometimes it takes months to locate the perfect vintage element.

My techniques would be considered largely self-taught.  Assemblages are primarily hand wired.  Using only hand tools I cut and shape sheet metals and molds.  The creative process continually gives rise to construction dilemmas requiring the development of new techniques.